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<A Christmas Gift For You>FromPhilles Records US Philles Records vg+ EUR 149.-
Various<Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974> GER Atlantic R&B 1947-1974 1985 14 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo Box Set mint EUR 129.-
Roy Ayers Ubiquity<He's coming> US Polydor mint EUR 129.-
La Vern Baker<See See Rider> US Atlantic mint-/cover vg EUR 49.-
The Baker Brothers<Ten Paces> UK 2003 Arse Records mint EUR 18.-
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters<Those lazy days> US King sealed EUR 129.-
Bayerman Vibration<st> GER United Sounds Of All Productions 1990 mint- EUR 8,-
<The Best of The Beatles sung by Motown's Greatest Stars> US Motown 1984 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 18.-
Archie Bell&The Drells<Tighten Up> GER Atlantic 1988 Reissue mint- EUR 39.-
Madeline Bell<This Is One Girl> IT Get Back 2003 mint EUR 16.-
Booker T. & The MGs<Soul Dressing> US Stax 1965 White Label Promo mint- EUR 169.-
Booker T. & The MGs<Soul Dressing> US Stax 1965 mint- EUR 49.-
Brass Construction<st> US United Artists 1975 sealed EUR 28.-
Johnny Bristol<Hang on in there Baby> GER MGM mint EUR 32.-
<Bronx Trax-We're gonna "Funk You" out!-Funk or Die! 84/35>

US Metrovinyl

red transparent vinyl

mint- EUR 16.-
James Brown<The Dynamic J.B.> GER Polydor mint- EUR 28.-
James Brown<The Payback> GER Polydor mint- signiert EUR 120.-
James Brown<sings RawSoul> US King 1967 vg+ EUR 49.-
James Brown<Thinking About> US King mint- EUR 28.-
James Brown<Roots of a revolution> UK Polydor mint EUR 26.-
James Brown<OST-Black Caesar> GER Polydor Promo mint EUR 69.-
James Brown<Pure Dynamite!> UK London/King mono wb mint- EUR 36.-
James Brown<Soul on Top> US King mint- EUR 26.-
James Brown<Soul on Top> GER Polydor Promo
no cover
mint- EUR 39.-
James Brown<Mighty Instrumentals> US King mint- EUR 69.-
James Brown<Please Please Please> US King 1967 vg+ EUR 49.-
James Brown<Sho is Funky Down Here> GER Polydor Promo
no cover
mint- EUR 39.-
James Brown<Mr.Soul> UK Polydor mint EUR 49.-
James Brown<Hell> US Polydor (mint/covervg+) EUR 89.-
James Brown<Sex Machine> GER Polydor 1st press mint- EUR 32.-
James Brown<There it is> GER Polydor mint- EUR 26.-
Ruth Brown<Rock&Roll> US Atlantic 1957 mint- EUR 169.-
Solomon Burke <st> US Kenwood mint- EUR 129,-
Capital Letters<Headline News> UK Greensleeves Records 1979 ‎ Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 18.-
Capitols<Dance The Cool Jerk With The Capitols> US ATCO mint EUR 69.-
Carmel<st> UK red Flame mint EUR 28.-
Coke<st> US Sound Triangle 1972 mint EUR 39.-
Sam Cooke<My Kind Of Blues> US RCA Victor white dog mono mint- EUR 129.-
Sam Cooke<Cokke's Tour> US RCA Victor white dog mint- EUR 56.-
Sam Cooke<Try A Little Love> US RCA Victor 1965 white dog mono mint- EUR 39.-
Sam Cooke<Try A Little Love> US RCA Victor 1965 white dog stereo mint- EUR 28.-
Sam Cooke<Best of> US RCA Victor white dog mint- EUR 129.-
Sam Cooke<Songs by S.C.> US Keen mint EUR 129.-
Various<Creative Musicians Vol.2-More Highly Underrated Masterpieces From The Funk Era> GER 2005 Perfect Toy mint EUR 39.-
Darondo<Let My People Go> US Luv N' Haight 2006 mint EUR 49.-
Betty Davis<Nasty Gal> US Mango sealed EUR 49.-
Dazz Band<Hot Spot> GER Motown mint EUR 28.-
Death In The Arena<Clint Eastwood> UK 1978 Cha Cha Music mint-/cover vg+ EUR 39.-
Donnie Elbert<Where Did Our Love Go> GER London mint- EUR 28.-
El Chicano Revolucion<st> US Kapp mint- EUR 28,-
The Fifth Dimension<Let The Sunshine In> GER Liberty Clubedition 1969 mint- EUR 12.-
The Flamingo Group<This is our Soul> CZ Aria Supraphon mint- EUR 39.-
Mosco Tiles Fonclaire<The People's Choice> Trinidad Tropico 1971 mint- EUR 139.-
Aretha Franklin<Live At Fillmore West> US Atlantic White Promo 1971 mono mint- EUR 189.-
Aretha Franklin<Aretha Now> GER Stern Atlantic mint- EUR 69.-
Aretha Franklin<Lady Soul> US Atlantic mint- EUR 26.-
Aretha Franklin<Aretha in Paris> US Atlantic mint EUR 29.-
Aretha Franklin<I never loved a man the way I love you> US Atlantic mint- EUR 39.-
Erma Franklin<Soul Sister> US Brunswick 1969 Promo mint- EUR 249.-
Funkadelic<One Nation Under A Groove> US Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3209 1978 Vinyl, LP, Gatefold Cover Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP All Media, Album mint EUR 89.-
Funkadelic<Uncle Jam wants you>

IT Get Back

mint EUR 28.-
<Funk You!-The Hardest in Funk & Rap "Ever"!-Funk or Die! 83/231>

US Metrovinyl

Green transparent


mint EUR 26.-
<Funk You!-The Hardest in Funk & Rap "Ever"!-Funk or Die! 83/233>

US Metrovinyl

Clear vinyl

mint EUR 22.-
<Funk You!-The Hardest in Funk & Rap "Ever"!-Funk or Die! 83/233>

US Metrovinyl

Clear vinyl

mint/cover vg EUR 18.-
Marvin Gaye<M.P.G.> US Tamla mint EUR 49.-
Marvin Gaye<At the London Palladium> GER Motown Bellaphon 1977 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 18.-
Al Green<I'm Still In Love With You> US Hi 1972 mint- EUR 49.-
Al Green<Let's Stay Together> IT Get Back 2003 mint EUR 16.-
Isaac Hayes<The Isaac Hayes Movement> US 1970 Enterprise Records mint- EUR 69.-
Isaac Hayes Movement<Disco Connection> US ABC 1975 mint- EUR 26.-
Isaac Hayes<And Once Again> US Polydor mint EUR 28.-
John Heartsman And Circles<Music Of My Heart> UK 2009 Jazzman ltd ed. DLP mint EUR 49,-
The Les Humphries Singers<I Believe> GER Decca mint EUR 8.-
The Les Humphries Singers<Mama Loo> GER Decca mint EUR 8.-
The Les Humphries Singers<Old Man Moses> GER Decca mint EUR 8.-
The Les Humphries Singers<Rock My Soul> GER Decca mint- EUR 6.-
The Les Humphries Singers<Rock My Soul> GER SR International Decca mint EUR 8.-
The Les Humphries Singers<Singing Kaleidoscope> GER Teldec Decca mint EUR 8.-
Jon Lucien<Mind's Eye> US RCA ‎Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue mint EUR 39.-
The Impressions<The Never Ending Impressions> US ABC Records ‎– ST-90492 1964 Vinyl, LP, Album, Club Edition, Stereo mint- EUR 69.-
I-Roy<Crisus Time> UK Virgin mono mint- EUR 49.-
The Isley Brothers<Givin'it Back> US T Neck 1971 mint- EUR 39.-
Michael Jackson<Blood on The Dance Floor> NL Epic 1997 3 × Vinyl, 12", Deluxe Edition mint- EUR 69.-
Etta James<Call My Name> US Cadet mint- EUR 89.-
Etta James<st> US Crown 1963 mint- EUR 32.-
Etta James<Tell Mama> US Cadet mint- EUR 189.-
The J.B.'s<Pass the Peas> GER Polydor mint- EUR 49.-
Tom Jones<Live! At The Talk Of The Town> GER Royalsound Decca 1967 mint- EUR 14.-
Eddie Kendricks<People....Hold On> US Tamla Motown mint- EUR 69.-
King Curtis & The Kingpins<King Size Soul> US ATCO Records ‎– 1967 Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo mint- EUR 32,-
Amanda Lear<Diamonds For Breakfast> GER Ariola 1980 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 6.-
Jackie Lee<The Duck> US Mirwood mono mint EUR 49.-
Love Unlimited<Under The Influence Of Love Unlimited> US 20th Century Records ‎–1973 Vinyl, LP, Album, Terre Haute Pressing mint- EUR 32.-
The Love Unlimited Orchestra<Rhapsody In White> US 20th Century Records ‎–1974 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 26.-
The Mar-Keys<The Great Memphis Sound> US Atlantic/Stax mint- EUR 49.-
Big Maybelle<The Soul Of Big Maybelle> US Scepter Records 1995 mint- EUR 89.-
Curtis Mayfield<Curtis> US Buddah Curtom mint EUR 28.-
The Meters<Look-Ka PyPy> US Josie 1969 mint- EUR 129,-
Midnight Star<Standing Together> US Solar 1981 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 12,-
Various<Midwest Funk>Funk 45s From Tornado Alley -21 Rare And Unreleased Cuts UK 2003 Jazzman DLP mint EUR 69,-
Buddy Miles<More Miles Per Gallon> UK EMI Casablanca mint- EUR 18,-
Buddy Miles<We Got to live Together> GER Mercury mint- EUR 28,-
Buddy Miles<A Message to the People> FR Mercury mint- EUR 32,-
Buddy Miles<A Message to the People> GER Mercury 1970 mint- EUR 39,-**
Clyde McPhatter<Clyde> US Atlantic vg+ EUR 69,-
Clyde McPhatter<Ta Ta!> US Mercury 1960 mint EUR 49,-
<The Motown Story>Ltd Edition US Motown mint- EUR 12.-
Ohio Players<Honey> GER Mercury 1975 mint- EUR 28.-
Betty Padgett<st> US Luv N' Haight 2009 mint EUR 16.-
Ann Peebles<I can't stand the rain> GER London mint- EUR 39.-
Wilson Pickett<The Exciting Wilson Pickett> US Atlantic 1968 mint- EUR 89.-
Wilson Pickett<in the midnight hour> US Atlantic mint- EUR 69.-
Wilson Pickett<it's too late> US Double 1963 mint EUR 110.-
Wilson Pickett<The Wicked Pickett> US Atlantic 1968 mint- EUR 89.-
The Platters<More Encore Of Golden Hits> US Mercury 1960 Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Mono mint- EUR 18.-
Billy Preston<I wrote a simple song> US A&M 1971 mint- EUR 26.-
Prince<Around The World In A Day> UK WB mint EUR 39.-
Prince<Black Album> GER WB mint EUR 99.-
Prince<Black Album> GER WB 1988 unofficial mint- EUR 49.-
Prince<Chocolate Box (A Superb Collection Of Finest Finished Studio Outtakes)> GER Sarotti Sound-Products ‎– 888 Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release, White Label mint-/cover vg+ EUR 69,-
Prince<Prince> GER WB 1979 mint- EUR 26.-
The Psychedelic Aliens<Psycho African Beat > US Academy LPs 2010 Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Compilation mint EUR 49.-
Otis Redding<The Immortal> US ATCO mint- EUR 36.-
Jay Richford & Gary Stevan<Feelings> PORT Golden Pavilion Records 2012 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Green spine mint- EUR 36.-
The Ritchie Family<African Queens> FR CBS 1977 mint- EUR 18.-
David Ruffin<st> US Motown mint- EUR 33.-

Gil Scott-Heron And His Amnesia Express<Tales of Gil Scott-Heron>

UK Essential Records mint EUR 49.-

Gil Scott-Heron<Moving Target>

GER Arista 1982 mint- EUR 28.-

Gil Scott-Heron<Reflections>

GER Arista mint EUR 49.-
Gil Scott-Heron&Brian Jackson<1980> EU Arista 1980 mint- EUR 28.-
Gil Scott-Heron&Brian Jackson<1980> US Arista 1980 mint- EUR 28.-
Gil Scott-Heron Brian Jackson<Midnight Band:The First Minute of a New Day> UK Arista mint EUR 89.-
Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson<From South Africa To South Carolina> US Arista mint EUR 69.-
Jill Scott<Who Is Jill Scott? - Words And Sounds Vol. 1> NL Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP406 2011 2 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Remastered, 180 gram mint EUR 28,90
Various<Sisters Funk 2 - The Sound Of The Unknown Soul Sisters-Compiled By DJ Ian Wright> UK 2007 Jazzman DLP mint EUR 49,-
Percy Sledge<When a man loves a woman> UK Atlantic mono mint- EUR 32.-
Percy Sledge<The P.S. way> US Atlantic mint EUR 69.-
O.C. Smith<Hickory Holler Revisited> GER CBS mint- EUR 28.-
Hans Söllner<Der Charlie>

GER Trikont

mint- EUR 8.-
Hans Söllner<Live>Mit Bayerman Vibration

GER Trikont

mint- EUR 8.-
Soul Sonic Blowfly<Funk You Vol 4>


yellow vinyl

mint EUR 26.-

GER Metrovinyl 1985

mint- EUR 18.-
Spiritual Concept<st>

NLPhiladelphia International

mint- EUR 16.-
Mavis Staples<We'll Never Turn Back>

NL Anti- ‎ 2007 2x180gr inkl MP3 DLC

mint EUR 129.-
The Temptations<All Directions> FR Tamla Motown 1972 mint EUR 26.-
Various<Texas Funk - Hard Texas Funk 1968-75- 21Rare And Unreleased Cuts> UK 20027 Jazzman DLP mint EUR 69,-
קרולינה* ‎– שלוש = Three ISR Helicon Music, B.M.usic 2017 LP mint/cover mint- EUR 89,-
Ike&Tina Turner<Outta Season> US Blue Thumb mint EUR 69.-
Ike&Tina Turner<The Soul of Ike&Tina> US Sue mint- EUR 119.-
Twilight<Still Loving You> US Luv N' Haight 2010 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition mint EUR 49.-
The Undisputed Truth<Face to face with the Truth> GER Tamla Motown 1972 mint- EUR 39.-
The Undisputed Truth<Higher than High> NL Tamla Motown 1975 mint- EUR 39.-
The Undisputed Truth<Higher than High> US Tamla Motown mint- EUR 60.-
The Undisputed Truth<Cosmic truth> US Gordy mint- EUR 28.-
War<Deliver The Word> GER UA 1973 mint- EUR 18.-
Leon Ware<st> GER UA mint- EUR 39.-
Marva Whitney<It's My Thing> US Polydor 180g RE mint EUR 18.-
Jackie Wilson<A Woman, A Lover, A Friend> US Brunswick mint- EUR 26.-
Jackie Wilson<Baby Workout> US Brunswick mint- EUR 69.-
Jackie Wilson<Body and Soul> US Brunswick mint- EUR 69.-
Jackie Wilson<So much> US Brunswick mint EUR 69.-
Jackie Wilson<So much> US Brunswick mint- EUR 69.-
Nancy Wilson<Tender Loving Care> US Capitol mint EUR 16.-
Tony Wilson<I like your style> US Bearsville Warner mint EUR 29.-
Stevie Wonder<Talking Book> UK Tamla Motown ‎ 1973 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold mint- EUR 18.-
Yellowman<Duppy Or Gunman> JAM 1982 Volcano Sonic Sounds mint- EUR 28.-
Timi Yuro<Hurt> UK Sunset mint EUR 26.-