Picture Discs

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Animation<Strange Behaviour> US Polygram Single

mint Picture Disc

EUR 16,-
The Beatles<Timeless> US Silhouette Music mint- EUR 32,-
Bluespills<st> Nuclear Blast mint EUR 18,-
Deep Purple<Perfect Stranger> UK Polydor Picturedisc Single


EUR 12,-
Edguy<Age of the joker> EU Nuclear Blas DLP blue vinyl incl postert sealed EUR 32,90
Grateful Dead<50th Anniversary Edition> US 2017 ltd ed. Rhino sealed EUR 22,90
Grönemeyer<st> GER Electrola mint EUR 12,-
Holger Hiller<As Is> UK 1991 Mute mint EUR 39,-
Hotel Costes by Stephanie Pompougnac<8> Pschent Wagram Picture Disc DLP mint- EUR 18,-
Iron And Wine & Ben Bridwell<Sing Into My Mouth> UK 2012 EMI ltd ed. Picture Disc sealed EUR 25,90
Iron Maiden<Iron Maiden> UK 2012 EMI ltd ed. Picture Disc sealed EUR 49,90
Iron Maiden<Life After Death> UK+EU Japan EMI DLP sealed EUR 89,-
Magnum<Vigilante> GER Polydor sealed EUR 12,-
The Mars Volta<The Bedlam In Goliath> US 2008 Universal 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Red/Black Half And Half Vinyl, 7", Shape, Limited Edition, Picture Disc sealed EUR 189,-
Metallica<Master of Sao Paolo-Part 2> Vertigo mint EUR 26,-
Motörhead<City Kids> UK Chiswick 7"Picture Disc


EUR 12,-
Nirvana<Smells Like Teen Spirit> GER BMG SubPop 12"Picturedisc 1991


EUR 39,-
Pearl Jam<Rockin' The Free World> US 1994 Picture Disc Not On Label (Pearl Jam) Vinyl, Picture Disc, Unofficial Release, LP mint- EUR 69,-
Placebo Featuring David Bowie<Without You I'm Nothing> EU Elevator Lady 2017 Maxi sealed EUR 39,90
Pop Revolution<From The Underground> GER CBS mint EUR 26,-
The Offspring<Americana> Sony mint EUR 139,-
R.E.M.<Nightswimming>Collector's Edition US WB mint EUR 12,-
Scorpions<Rhythm of Love> Harvest Picture Disc 45RPM 10'' mint- EUR 26.-
Small Faces<Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake> Original Recordings Heavyweight 12-Inch 160g Vinyl Picture Disc new EUR 49,90
Smashing Pumpkins<Teargarden By Kaleidoscope Vol.II> Deluxe 12-Inch Vinyl Picture Disc + 4 Song EP CD sealed EUR 69,90
Software<Digital Dance>SF-Story H.W.Franke "Digital-Dance" GER Digit Music mint EUR 169,-
Talking Heads<Speaking in Tongues> GER Sire 1983 mint EUR 119,-
Talking Heads<Speaking in Tongues> GER Sire 1983 mint- EUR 89,-**